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Summer Camp and High Adventure at Camp Alexander

Starting on January 1st, 2019, Camp Alexander will no longer be providing Free Adult Leaders to troops attending camp, so lock in your free adult leaders before December 31st, 2018.

Why the change? 

In 2012 the Pikes Peak Council Executive Board voted to apply $50 of the registration fee from every Scout that attended camp to a Camp Capital Improvement Fund. While this seemed very aggressive at the time, it has proven to be one of the best things to happen to the Camp Alexander facilities in decades. Since 2012 we have put almost $800,000 into capital improvements at camp. With that money we have created new latrines for campsites and program areas, a new rifle range, a new archery range, and so many other projects. These new facilities are in great condition currently, but in looking to the future we need to be able to maintain them.

The Pikes Peak council operates two camping programs at Camp Alexander Boy Scout Resident Camp and a High Adventure Program.  These programs has become one of the most coveted summer camp experiences in the Rocky Mountains.  We would be honored to host your troop next summer.

Camp Alexander is located in the beautiful Elevenmile Canyon in the Pike National Forest approximately 45 miles west of Colorado Springs, and two miles south of Lake George, in Park County, Colorado. Camp Alexander is between 8200 and 8600 feet elevation. The camp area consists of hills, low mountains, and valleys covered by a mix of Ponderosa pine forests, high-altitude grasslands, and wetland vegetation along the lake and stream. There is abundant wildlife including black bears, raccoons, skunks, rabbits, squirrels, deer, elk, coyotes, snakes, and bald eagles.

We firmly believe that summer camp is an opportunity to do more than earn merit badges. It is also a time for a scout to learn more about themselves, develop his leadership skills, build character, and enjoy our mountain environment.

Your troop experience should also include hiking/biking in the beautiful Elevenmile Canyon that surrounds Camp Alexander so your boys may experience the beauty of our Pike National Forest. It is the goal of our Camp staff to make sure that each Scout that attends Camp Alexander this year has a great camping experience and is able to accomplish all of his set goals and still have time to have fun and enjoy the mountains of Colorado. We look forward to serving you and we''ll do our best to make your summer camp experience a very memorable one.

"Boy Scouts of America is an equal opportunity service provider. Boy Scouts of America operates under special use permit by the USDA Forest Service. " Pikes Forest Service