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Nov 10, 2018
College of Commissioner Science 2018

Southern Colorado College of Commissioner Science 2018


2018 Southern Colorado College of Commissioner Science (Saturday, 10 Nov, 2018)

Council Activities Center (985 W Fillmore); 7:30-8:15am sign in/fellowship, courses 8:30am to 4pm, graduation should complete by 4:30pm. Please wear field uniform for the training.

The College of Commissioner Science is the highest form of commissioner education available at the local level. The College is modeled after college courses and degrees. A commissioner has the opportunity to earn a Bachelor, Roundtable, Master, and Doctorate degree by attending the College and satisfying the prerequisites and requirements. Commissioners may also take courses as part of a continuing education program. The purpose of the College of Commissioner Science is to provide ongoing practical training for all commissioners to allow them to better serve their units.

Course Selection

•See the degree requirements document linked in the resources page to identify which level courses you need for your next degree level. •Your selection should be guided by this list AND the offerings that best meet your needs and interests for improved Commissioner service.

• Once registration opens, select desired courses during the registration process. Sessions 1-3 and 5-7 offer four courses (BCS, MCS, DCS and Roundtable). You will need to select one (and only one) of the four courses available for each of those sessions. Session 4 is a group session with one course offering.

• Courses are listed in chronological order during registration. You will step through the selection 7 times for 7 sessions.

• Contact Dan Hans or Steve Leininger if you desire to change your course selections after registration is complete.

Additional notes:

Staff: Register for the course you are facilitating (required) and any other course sessions you would like to participate in (optional).

All: Uniform of the day is the Field Uniform

• See the resources tab to download a set of course descriptions for the 2018 course offerings as well as a copy of the College of Commissioner Science Degree Requirements for Bachelors, Roundtable, Masters and Doctorate

• During lunch we will run a group course (BCS114). There will be 30 minutes to get lunch and settle in before the course session starts.

• We will also set up a Commissioner Tools Lab during lunch to provide hands on access to help answer Commissioner questions or walk through Tools functions. ***Bring your laptop, questions, and any contact/assessment notes you need to get entered.