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Nov 13, 2017
Council Wide Recharter Assistance Night
Nov 28, 2017
Council Wide Recharter Assistance Night

Council Wide Recharter Assistance Night

This is the first of two recharter nights, where we will provide training and an opportunity to complete your recharter paperwork together at the Council Service Center. You will have access to District Executives who will be able to answer questions and help along the way. You will be able to leave with your completed online paperwork, if you do your homework ahead of time!


For the evening, please come prepared with the following items:

1.  An updated unit roster-- this should be your current roster for your unit.

A. This roster should include everyone in your unit currently.

B. If there are youth or adults to add to your roster, please turn those applications 

into the council office BEFORE you start your recharter.  This will make the recharter much easier for you!!!

C. Have a list of changes to addresses, phone numbers, and unit positions (for adults) on this roster as well!

2. Your Recharter Packet-- this will have everything, minus your current roster (see #1) to complete your recharter

3. A laptop computer-- if you do not have one, we will have a few that you can borrow for the evening. Please let us know if you would like to use one.


There are a few changes coming to the recharter system.  The rumored changes are as follows:


  • New look and feel like
  • You will NOT be able to submit your recharter online if you have someone in your unit with expired YPT.
  • You WILL have the ability to click an update function to automatically check if they have completed their YPT—without losing your work.
  • The update function should also have the ability to upload any applications that may have been turned in after you have started the recharter process.
  • You should also have the ability to pay for the unit recharter via credit card online.




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