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Jun 9-15, 2019
NYLT Week 1 - National Youth Leadership Training
Jul 7-13, 2019
NYLT Week 2 - National Youth Leadership Training

National Youth Leadership Training

National Youth Leadership Training is an exciting, action packed program designed to provide youth members of the Boy Scouts of America with leadership skills and experience they can use in their home troops and in any other situations demanding leadership of self and leadership of others.

Built on the legacy of past JLT successes, the new NYLT integrates the best of modern leadership theory with the traditional strengths of the Scouting experience. Through activities, presentations, challenges, discussions, and audio-visual support, NYLT participants will be engaged in a unified approach to leadership that will give them the skills and confidence to lead well. Through a wide range of activities, events, games, and adventures, NYLT participants will work and play together as they put into action the best that Scouting has to offer.

NYLT models a month in the life of troop – three meetings (one each day for the first three days) leading up to a big outdoor experience (an overnight outpost camp). The course uses the patrol method and presents model Patrol Leaders’ Council meetings. Patrols are challenged early in the week to present to the troop at the end of the week their “Quest for the Meaning of Leadership.” While the challenge is designed to have patrols experience the four stages of team development, it will help patrols and individual Scouts internalize the leadership skills and concepts being presented to them along the way. Throughout the course, the staff will be modeling the concepts and skills that are the core content of the course. The patrols will be challenged with many activities and games, including using GPS receivers to participate in a Geocache wide game. The focus of each session is not only knowledge but giving the youth a “Toolbox of Skills” that equips them with the “how” of leadership.

Objectives of National Youth Leadership Training
  • Give participants the confidence and knowledge to conduct the troop program in their home units
  • Provide participants with a clear understanding of team and personal development
  • Create an environment of Scouting fellowship and fun guided by the Scout Oath and Law
  • Give participants the opportunity to share ideas and experiences with Scouts from other troops
  • Have fun and experience Scouting at its best

Requirements for Participants

• All participants must be 13 years old and have completed 8th grade.
• Minimum rank: First Class 
  For 2019 only, an exception will be granted for girls registered in Scouts BSA to attend NYLT without first achieving the First Class rank; they must still meet age requirements and first attend Introduction to Leadership Skills for Troops (ILST.)  This will allow new troops to have trained youth leaders.  Girls who are registered Venturers do not need to achieve the First Class rank, but must attend Introduction to Leadership Skills for Crews (ILSC) prior to participating in NYLT. 
• Completed Introduction to Leadership Skills for Troops (ILST) troop-level training or
  Crew Officer Orientation and Introduction to Leadership Skills for Crews (ILSC) trainings
• Hold a Unit level leadership position
• Have a current BSA Health and Medical Record form parts A, B and C
• Parent/Guardian permission
• Scoutmaster/Adviser/Ship approval


Upcoming National Youth Leader Training Opportunities

   Course Director June  - Bruce Wilkes 
   Course Director July  - Jenny Breckenridge

Unit Leader Endorsements - Complete and email to

2019 nylt unit leader endorsement form.pdf

2019 PPC NYLT Scholarship Form.pdf







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