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Feb 3, 2018
University of Scouting

University of Scouting

The exciting, fun-filled, single day, adult leader growth, development and education event of the year. Over 60 hours of training to choose from! 

   Saturday February 3, 2018


 Colorado Technical University

          4435 North Chestnut Street

         Colorado Springs, Colorado

            8:30am -4:00pm



University of Scouting Participant: $35

How to Train ILST Course- $20

All Costs cover Lunch 12-1pm

Those people with food allergies please plan accordingly and bring your lunch. There will be no prorating of costs


Further questions or want to volunteer? 

Contact Miki Forsyth at

or call 303 648-0104


Cub Scout Leaders

CS102 Baloo the Builder

A discussion on the safety and usage of several wood working tools.  Students will construct 2 wooden projects


CS103 Bear Claws

A description of some common pocket knives their usage and care.  Each participant earns their own "whittlin' chip" card while enjoying some soap carving


CS104 Campfire Program Ideas

Just as cub scouts like to roast marshmallows, older boys also enjoy relaxing around a campfire, hearing stories telling some jokes and maybe singing some silly songs. Adult Leaders, this course will give you some ideas on how to add some more sparkle to your evening campfire


CS105 Crafts for Cubs and Webelos

"It isn't what the boy does to the block of wood. It is what the block of wood does to the boy" easy craft activities for your cub scout


CS106 Derby’s and Races

Every Scout will remember the Rain Gutter Regattas, Space Derby, and Pinewood Derby's.  Especially when you plan them well.  Get ideas on how to make your derbies and races better.


CS107 Blue and Gold Banquet and Other Ceremonies

Do you know what really goes into making an enjoyable blue and gold banquet?  Get some new ideas for ceremonies for your banquet and or meetings


CS108 Quick and Easy Games

There are always some meetings when the cubs have no interest in what you have planned.  Try some of these easy games to help them (and you) burn some steam and refocus.


CS115 Neckerchief Slides


CS118 Things That Fly


CS201 Cub Master Minute

A discussion on the importance of the Cub 0 Each participant will have an opportunity to present their own minute.


CS210 Pizzazz for Pack Meetings

If you need ideas on how to bring new life into your pack / den this is the class for you.  If it’s not for the boys, it’s for the birds!


CS211 Making the Most of your Meeting Time

Do you feel like there is never enough time to accomplish what you have planned?  Get some ideas on how to be more efficient with the limited time you have with your scouts


CS211 Planning Great Campouts

Every Cub Scout wants to sleep in a tent and roast marshmallows. This course will help you develop a plan to make it even more enjoyable for all


CS212 Den and Pack Administration

Keeping up with the paperwork is important to ensure that our cubs receive prompt recognition for their efforts.  Learn how to be more efficient with advancements finance and communications.


CS214 Special Awards                    

Learn how to integrate these awards into your packs advancement program.


GS218 Annual Planning/Developing the Annual Program

Most troops/ Packs put together a general plan of events and activities each year.  How can you make this planning meeting more efficient and develop a program that meets everyone's needs?


Boy Scout Leaders

BS101 Activity and Event Planning

A fundamental teaching tool for our scouts is to have them plan and lead the troops activities. This course will give you some planning aids to ensure that your scouts are prepared


BS102 Life to Eagle Process

This course will present the fundamentals of the process and offer ideas for mentoring your life scouts to Eagle


BS103 Merit Badge Counselor Requiring Process

Learn how to expand your current pool of merit badge instructors and give them the tools to succeed


BS106 Scout to 1st Class in 12 Months

It is well documented that scouts that make 1st class in their 1st year are more likely to make Eagle.  This course will help you make a troop program to help them get there.


BS107 Scouting Past Eagle

There is more, learn about Palms, Scholarships, and other activities for those youth that can't get enough


BS108 Scoutmaster Conferences

Once a scout has finished the requirements to advance in rank, he faces a couple more hurdles before the court of honor.  Learn how the SM conference can really inspire and motivate a scout to continue.  They can also do just the opposite.


BS109 Scoutmaster Minute

inspirational stories and how to present them to your unit


BS110 Troop Resources, Admin

There is so much information available on the web that its simply overwhelming.  This course will discuss some of the resources available on the web as well as through the council and local organizations


BS303 Challenging and Retaining Older Scouts

How do you keep your Life and Eagle Scouts active in the troop?  What are older scouts looking for?  Discover ways to keep your experienced scouts involved.


BS305 Exciting Courts of Honor

Just as Cub Scouts remember exciting Pack meetings, so will your Boy Scouts.  Get some ideas for your Scout leaders to make their ceremonies more impressive and memorable


BS309 Introduction to Order of the Arrow

With this course, you will get a much better understanding of the Boy Scouts Honor Society and how it can really help your unit thrive.


BS312 Training Youth to Be Leaders

In addition to formal troop leader training and national youth training, learn how every adult can give boys the tools needed to lead others


BS316 Boards of Review

Once a scout has finished his Scout Master Conference, he faces one more hurdle before the court of honor.  Learn how the board of review can really inspire and motivate a scout to continue.  Or how they can do the opposite


BS322 Eagle Scout Service Project Coach


BS310 Orienteering & Geocaching

Learn or refresh some of the Techniques to using maps, compasses, and orienteering.  The Course also offers an opportunity to learn more about GPS and geocaching.  It will give you the confidence to teach your scouts some very important skills


BS319 Gearing Up for Scouting


General studies for both Cub Scout and Boy Scout Leaders


GS100 BSA's E Training and the Training Continuum

Discover the wide range of educational training that is available on line from the BSA, you unit training coordinator and how they help develop scout leaders


GS101 Adult Recognition

Adult volunteers work hard to deliver great programs for our scouts. Learn how to recognize their efforts through leader’s knots, certificates and other awards


GS102 Flag Etiquette and Ceremonies

Have confidence that you are teaching your Scouts well on the proper presentation and handling of our colors


GS108 Cooking Beginning and Advanced (2hrs)

Hands on opportunity to try new outdoor cooking techniques and recipes for your unit.  What you cook in class will be your lunch for the day


GS107 Getting Parents Involved


GS108 Guide to Safe Scouting

What does it really say?   This is a great resource to ensure that we are providing a safe and enjoyable program for all.  It is important that we don’t rely on "Leader Lore" and know what it really says (and doesn't say).


GS112 The Den Chief

What exactly does a den chief do? How does this program help the Cub Scouts and the Boy Scout?


GS116 All About Shooting Sports

Find out about the various Shooting Sports offered at all levels of scouting from Cubs to Venture’s. Learn what adult training is required to supervise shooting sports activities. Come join the fun in shooting sports


GS120 Astronomy for Scouts


GS121 STEM Nova Awards


GS122 Bullying- Prevention and intervention


GS123 Knots for the Beginners

This is a beginning course for those uncomfortable with teaching knot tying.


GS124 Knot Craft

Ready for something more advanced learn more knots their uses and projects your Scouts can accomplish with them


GS125 Cub Scout to Troop Transition

Transitioning parents and scouts from Cub Scouts to Boy Scouts.  How to help Weblos and their adults by setting the tone and getting them engaged from the start will help both the scout and the troop succeed. Parents that were once active with their son as a cub may struggle to find their place in a troop. Get some ideas on how to get (and keep) these valuable resources involved


GS126 Maximizing Your Unit's Service Opportunities



GS 128 Journey to Excellence

What is it and how can your unit achieve it?


GS135 A Scout is Reverent

An overview of religion in scouting and the religious awards programs for all scouts


GS202 Boy Behavior/ Solving Behavioral Challenges

learning how to focus scouts on the ideals of scouting will help every individual scout and your unit


GS203 Special Needs Scouting

A growing number of scouts are challenged with special needs. Learn how to integrate these scouts and their needs into your program


GS204 Colorado Liability Laws and Scouting

Learn how Colorado liability laws support and impact your scouting activities


GS205 Unit Finance and Fundraising

This Course will give you ideas on more effective fundraising and finance.  Helping you deliver the promise of scouting


GS209 Leader Burn Out

Are you in a unit where the same leaders are doing everything?  With this course, you will get some ideas on how to keep your leaders chugging along


GS210 Recruiting New Leaders

recruiting is a never-ending job. This session will provide an overview of how to prepare new unit leadership


GS211 Year Around Recruiting

Too many units rely on recruiting at the beginning of the school year.  Learn how to develop a program to recruit scouts throughout the year


GS219 Mentoring is Not Coaching

Mentoring is an opportunity to help a person grow through discovery.  This session will address various mentoring models and ways to be a mentor to scouts and scouters


GS301 Leave No Trace wareness workshop (3 hrs.)

This workshop is for all levels of Scouting and will go beyond a basic familiarization of Leave No Trace/Outdoor Ethics for leaders, parents, and Scouts and how to ensure they are being implemented in their units. While not required this is also an excellent workshop for Scouts holding the position of Outdoor Ethics Guide. If you've ever wanted for details about LNT/ Outdoor Ethics and wondered why something was done, this is the class to take.


NEW -This year we are offering an all-day course to

Patrol Leaders and Assistant Patrol Leaders as well as the Adult Leaders in the Troop.


BS100 How to teach" Introduction to Leadership Skills for Troops" (ILST) to your Troop

 This class is for the Patrol Leaders, Assistant Patrol Leaders and Adult Leaders of your troop

Every Scout in the troop who holds a leadership position, including all elected positions and any appointed positions at the discretion of the senior patrol leader should receive ILST from their Leaders.  it’s desired that every member of the troop has some kind of leadership responsibility every year, even if it’s just a minor responsibility.

This Course will help you prepare and teach ILST to the Scouts in your Troop, giving them the tools they will need to succeed in their leadership roles

ILST is the prerequisite for NYLT



Please remember to fill out the BSA Health Form Parts A&BExternal Link BEFORE you come to save time  - please make a copy as these will not be returned.




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