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Summer Staff Needed at Camp A



Are your older kids looking for a fun way to make some money this summer?

Camp A is looking to hire staff of various ages (primarily ages 16-18) for numerous positions this summer.

See below to view all available positions and job descriptions, age requirements, and any specific position requirements




Two shooting sport staff to help with Archery Staff 16-18

Aquatics Staff: need 4 staff 16-18
Aquatics: The other large program area, Aquatics covers the pool and the lake. Each smaller area has its own director while there is also a single director who oversees it as a whole. Not only does Aquatics teach a large number of merit badges like canoeing and lifesaving, but also is one of the most popular evening activities.
The following requirements apply to aquatics area staff:
1. All aquatics lifeguarding staff are tested for competency by the
aquatics director before assuming lifeguarding or instructional duties.
The aquatics director shall keep written documentation of staff and
the areas and activities for which they are qualified. Staff in training
may not work unsupervised until approved in written documentation
by the aquatics director. The required skill competencies for
lifeguarding include:
a. All lifeguards can reach the bottom at the deepest part of the
swimming area.
b. All lifeguards can reach the furthest extent of their assigned zones
within 20 seconds.
c. All lifeguards can currently perform water rescue skills (possession
of a lifeguard training certificate is not enough; each aquatics
director must check that they can still perform to standards).
d. All lifeguards can currently perform BLS and first-aid skills
(possession of a card is not enough; each aquatics director must
check that they can still perform to standards).
e. All lifeguards must be trained to execute written emergency action
plans specific to local camp swimming areas and activities.
f. All lifeguards respond to bloodborne pathogen incidents according
to the OSHA-mandated exposure control plan.
2. At least 50 percent of the aquatics staff members, excluding CITs,
hold a valid lifeguard certification and current American Red Cross
BLS for Health Care Providers, or equivalent.
3. In accordance with Department of Labor regulations, 15-year-old paid
staff members with valid lifeguard certifications may work as lifeguards
only for swimming activities in a swimming pool. Lifeguards for swimming
activities not at a swimming pool must be at least 16 years of age and
have a valid lifeguard certification appropriate for the venue.

Rock Climbing staff: need 2 16-18
The Rock teaches just one Merit Badge, Rock Climbing. With a natural rock wall featuring both climbing and rappelling, the Rock is often busy, both with full classes and packed sign ups for evening activities.

First Class Center: 2 more 16-18 old
FCC provides rank advancement for young scouts instead of Merit Badges. Sometimes having more than sixty students at one time, the area can help many scouts launch all the way up to first class in their short week of camp and encompasses a wide variety of experiences from knots and first aid too knife work and hiking.

Hike and Bike: 2-4 more 16-18 old
One of the most active program areas, Hike and Bike staff can expect to be a part of many hikes and bike rides throughout the 11-mile canyon. In addition to their Merit Badges, the area also has a mountain boarding class and runs a sunrise hike up a nearby mountain later in the week.

Photography: 2 more 16-18 year old
Photography and Cinematography is just a one to two-person area teaching the two Merit Badges for which it has been named. While the cameras and software are supplied it is recommended that the directory at least has experiences with photography and editing software.

Nature: 4 more 16-18 year old
Nature teaches a variety of Merit Badges such as Nature and Astronomy, many of these classes involve taking short hikes along the Nature Loop. For evening activities, the area leads scouts in conservation projects and a late-night astronomy hike up the camp’s scenic trail.

Outdoor Skills: 4 more 16-18 old
Outdoor Skills teaches a number of the basic scouting skills and Eagle Required Merit Badges such as Camping and First Aid. The area also runs two evening activities once a week. One is a mock Search and Rescue event, and the other a Wilderness Survival overnight camp out.

Director Fishing: 18+
Fishing Staff: 1 more 16-18 old
Covering both of camp’s fishing spots, Fishing operates out of both the dam, and the fish camp out in the Eleven Mile Canyon. It is requested that the director at least has experience in Fly fishing.

Outback staff: 2 more 16-18
Outback is our High Adventure program and functions as an independent group from the rest of camp. The staff will take older scouts and a group of adults on high adventure treks throughout the week including but not limited to rock climbing, white water rafting, and hiking. Older staff are required, and it is suggested to have both experience and enjoyment of the outdoors.


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For more information or if you have questions please contact

Dianna Kaszuba at Dianna.Kaszuba@Scouting.Org

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