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Starting in person Scouting meetings and activities

** Update as of 23 April 2021: As allowed under the most recent changes to State guidelines, NO Counties within Pikes Peak Council Area have implemented Local Public Health Orders that supersede Colorado State restrictions. State restrictions remain in place until local county public health orders are put in place**

Colorado has authorized El Paso County to move to Level Yellow (Concern) as of 9am Saturday 6 February 2021.

  • Unit meetings, day activities and overnight activities allowed with groups of 25 people or less including adults.
  • Use of outdoor venues maximized for all unit/family/household based activities.
    • Indoor activities should be avoided if all possible. Use of the social distancing calculatorExternal Link is required to determine capacity for any indoor activity.
  • El Paso, Teller, Park and Elbert Counties are at level Yellow (Concern). Park County transitioned from Green to Yellow on 18 April.
    • Note that variances for counties to lift restrictions independent of the State guidelines are applied to business/retail categories that are not applicable to the categories that apply to PPC Scouting activities.
  • Lincoln, Kit Carson Counties are at level Blue (Caution) as of 18 April 2021
  • Kiowa and Cheyenne Counties are at level Green (Protect your neighbor).

How this affects your unit:

  • Under level Yellow, unit level outings, activities and meetings with 25 person limits may resume including adults, socially distanced and no interaction between cohorts. The limit for Blue Level counties is 50. The limit for green counties is 50% capacity with masks/social distancing.
  • Maximize outdoor and minimize indoor gatherings to the greatest extent possible. The transmission rate is much higher indoors.
  • Transportation to/from events should adhere to the personal gathering size limits. CDC does relax mask wear for personal gatherings for groups where all persons have been fully vaccinated for two weeks or more.Transport to and from events should not exceed the 10 person/2 household limit if not everyone in the group has been fully vaccinated. Families are encouraged to transport their own youth only to and from events.
  • Unit meetings will now adhere to the same limits as unit outings and activities (Group sports and camps, 25 person limits for Yellow, 50 person limit for Blue levels, 50% for Green levels).
  • Implement the BSA SAFERestart Checklist and BSA Health Screening Checklist for all unit meetings and activities
    • Review all of the contents of this page and the posted materials as well as refer to the state and respective county guidelines for planning.
  • For unit planning, District/Council Indoor and outdoor activities are limited to 50% capacity. Indoor activities limits should be no higher than the number determined by the distancing calculator and/or the percentage of the published capacity limit for the venue and in the Colorado COVID level restrictions table.
  • Whenever possible, consider retaining a virtual component to meetings and activities for inclusion of any ill, high risk or otherwise restricted youth.
  • Implement the BSA Digital Safety and Online Scouting ActivitiesExternal Link for safety guidelines for using online forums for any virtual or hybrid in-person/virtual events and meetings.

How this affects your unit activities as well as district and council activities and events:

  • Unit/event leadership should continue to monitor state and county health sites for the most current information and potential changes, then exercise sound judgment for adapting or cancelling unit events.
  • Ensure family transportation to/from outing location (no unit carpooling).
    • Transport should be limited to the 10 person/two household limit shown under personal gathering size
  • Individually prepared meals
  • Individual tent use for outings
  • Units with scheduled outings at Glen Aspen or Camp Alexander can continue as long as all activities remain outdoors and group size limits are adhered to.
  • Mandatory mask usage
  • Minimum 6’ social distancing at all times
  • For Yellow and Blue Level Counties, maximize outdoor activities and minimize indoor activities.

Day Camp and Resident Camp Events:

  • Colorado has not updated the guidelines for Day Camp and Resident Camps for the 2021 season as of 26 March 2021. General guidelines and links to detailed information will post here once those guidelines are released.

Guidelines for Pikes Peak Council Units, district and council for meetings activities and events remains per the Colorado six level restriction guide.

  • Event and Unit leadership should reference the Colorado COVID 19 Dial Dashboard ( Link) for the current status of their county and the chart below to determine the capacity for their event.
  • The limits apply for indoor event only up to the limit determined by the social distancing calculator at Link . In most cases, the actual indoor limit will be lower than the Protect our Neighbors, Safer at Home or Stay at Home category limit depicted.
    • Utilize the Groups Sports and Camps row for longer duration, primarily outdoor events (overnight camping, all day events, outings/events at Camp Alexander or Glen Aspen, etc)
    • District and Council event coordinators utilize the indoor or outdoor event rows for district/council events. Note that event limits are to be determined using the social distancing calculator up to the limit of the current phase for your county
    • Guided events, such as Ice Climbing at Camp Alexander, utilize the Outdoor Guided Services line.
  • Incorporation of a virtual (Zoom or other) capability for joining events should be considered whenever possible to ensure inclusion for individuals/families who are not able or not comfortable with participation in group venues.
  • COVID-19 resources for Commissioners (and units) can be found here: Link

NOTE: This chart is posted to help identify the appropriate activity lines. Utilize the state chart for current restrictions and limitations located at Link.

Different parts of the Scouting program fall under different restrictions in the State of Colorado.  We have broken up the chart to help you understand where each piece fits. 





Re-initiating Unit meetings and Activities in Pikes Peak Council

We know you are all anxious to go forward with your programs as Colorado eases the guidelines and restrictions on activities in the state.  We are all as anxious as you are to get things moving again in Pikes Peak Council Scouting.

It is very important that we go about our in-person programs smartly and safely.  That means following appropriate guidelines and adhering to safety practices to minimize the risk of exposure and maintain a high level of hygiene as we go forward. In no case should these guidelines supplant local county health department, state health department or chartering organization guidelines or subsequent changes to published guidelines should they become more stringent than what is published below.

Key 3 training has been conducted for meeting construct and conduct as well as a certification process for units to ensure they are properly prepared to conduct meetings and activities under COVD-19 limitations. Units should not conduct meetings or activities until the process is complete and the unit is certified to meet.  If a Key 3 member requires training, contact your Commissioner or District Executive to coordinate it. Once certified, units will be allowed to participate in council/district activities and conduct unit level meetings and activities in accordance with the BSA SAFE Restart Scouting Checklist, the BSA Pre-event health screening checklist and the state guidelines contained on the Colorado COVID-19 Safer at Home phasing site located at Link as well as the guidance by sector for children’s camps and sports, indoor activities and outdoor activities at Link

Meetings/activities should follow the specific guidelines published for children camps and sports, indoor activities and outdoor activities. This will mean that meetings will not look like a pre-COVID activity and will require some planning before implementing meeting activities. In general, the current guidance is that meetings must follow the following structure:

  • Youth Protection guidelines must be strictly adhered to
  • Pre-Meeting screening for COVID exposure and sickness (fever, congestion, etc.).
  • Checks should include temperature check (no-touch sensor is the preferred method)
  • Hand Sanitizer should be made available for each group.
  • Social distancing of 6 feet always, 10 feet for singing or other energetic activities.
  • Masks are required
  • All scouts and adults must have an informed consent signed by their parent(s)/guardian(s) and an acknowledgment of the safety guidelines (part of unit certification to meet).
  • Leaders should post guidance and signs to maintain required physical distancing, respiratory etiquette, and hygiene.
  • Outdoor activities may be held with up to 25 people with working groups (e.g. patrols or den) of 10 Scouts including adults.
  • Indoor activities should be limited to groups (patrols/dens) of Scouts (includes adults) with no interaction between groups.
    • If the indoor space is large enough to allow for social distancing (6 feet between each camper and minimum of 36 square feet per camper), more than one stable group could be in an indoor space at the same time as long as there is adequate space between groups and safe egress is not compromised.
    • Patrols/Dens must remain with their group and not mix with other groups during structured time or free time.
    • This calculator is to be used for determining capacity of your venue: Link
  • Scouts must remain with their group and not mix with other groups during structured time or free time, including pick up and drop off.
  • Limit exposure to the general public. When there is a possibility of exposure, Scouts and adults should strive for physical distancing and wear masks/face coverings.
  • If food is planned for the meeting or activity, it should be as follows:
    • No communal buffet style, self-serve food service or shared utensils.
    • Unit members should bring their own food or be provided pre-plated or “grab and go” options.
    • All water is to be brought by each individual
    • No food or water sharing.
    • If staggered and a common area for eating is used, clean and disinfect surfaces of dining area between groups/dens/patrols.
  • Ensure cleaning and disinfecting of commonly touched surfaces
  • Whenever possible, limit activities that are not conducive to the required 6 feet of physical distancing or could pose a safety hazard when Scouts and adults are physically distancing.
  • Non-essential visitors, observers or participants should not be allowed to attend program meetings or activities.

Re-initiating Unit overnight camping and training in Pikes Peak Council

Just like with our unit activities, it is very important that we go about starting up our overnight programs smartly and safely.

Units will certify to conduct overnight activities in conjunction with their meeting certification to ensure they are properly prepared to conduct overnight activities under COVD-19 limitations. Units should not conduct overnight activities until the process is complete and the unit is certified to meet.  Once certified, units will be allowed to participate in council/district activities and conduct unit level overnight activities in accordance with the BSA SAFE Restart Scouting Checklist and the state guidelines contained on the Colorado COVID-19 Safer at Home phasing site located at Link as well as the guidance by sector for children’s camps and sports, indoor activities and outdoor activities at Link. Units must review and incorporate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) requirements for those treating individuals who become ill during day and overnight events (masks, face shields, gloves, etc).

Adherence to these guidelines will mean that overnight outings will not be structured or implemented the way outings were conducted before the outbreak, to include limitations on tent occupancy, patrol versus unit level activities, isolation of patrols/assigned patrol adults from each other and the preparation and serving of food.

The BSA SAFE Restart Scouting Checklist and Colorado guidelines should be reviewed prior to planning any day or overnight outdoor activities and incorporated into the outing plan. Unit overnights will comply with the Colorado guidelines for resident camps. Day outings will comply with the Colorado guidelines for day camps. The Colorado guidelines for Outdoor Recreation Guidance should also be reviewed for applicable information.

If a situation should arise where Youth protection requirements come into conflict with these rules or guidelines, youth protection requirements take precedence. Should such a situation occur, the appropriate unit leader will immediately notify the Scout Executive and/or the Council Medical Director/Council Youth Protection Chair. The best mitigation for this potential conflict is incorporating this consideration into meeting/event planning.

Unit certification for meetings, outdoor activities and overnight events consists of:

  1. Unit Key 3 (Unit Leader, Committee Chair, Chartered Organization Representative) attendance at one of the Zoom training sessions. At a minimum, a representative from the charter organization and the Unit Leader or Committee Chair must attend. Attendance by the complete Key 3 is highly encouraged.
  2. Completing a Review of applicable guidelines and BSA SAFE Restart checklist and incorporation of these guidelines into meeting/event planning.
  3. Parents/guardians sign and return the informed consent and guidelines acknowledgement forms to the unit leadership.
  4. Scouts and parent/guardian sign and return the Scout informed consent form to the unit leadership
  5. Completed/signed certification forms indicating completion of training and receipt of informed consent and guideline acknowledgement forms must be returned

Pikes Peak Council Risk Management Committee

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