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Want to sell more popcorn to earn money for your scouting adventures?  

Want to earn a cool prize?  

Want to sell more than your friends?  

Check out the following tips and tricks from some of our top selling scouts.

1.  Set your sales goal.

  • Scouts who set goals average $626 in sales.  Scouts with no goal average $304 in sales.
  • Set your own goal at for a chance to win some great prizes at the end of the sale.
  • Reach your goal - Lets say you set a goal of $600 and now lets break down the plan
    • Door to Door sales - average of $200 per hour in sales for 2 hours = $400
    • Show & Sell - average of $100 per hour in sales for 1 hour = $100
    • Online sales - send out emails to 10 friends and family (remember to follow up), average online purchase is over $50

2.  Selling Tips

  • Get a neighborhood street map and map out your selling area
  • Knock on every door on the street
  • DON’T go to houses with FOR SALE Signs out front (they tend to have moved before delivery)
  • Please respect “NO SOLICITING” Signs
  • Write down the addresses that don’t answer so you can re-visit them later
  • Bring a parent or buddy (less people say no when parents are present)
  • Best selling times are 6:30 – 8:30 PM
  • Set your sales goal and plan to achieve it
  • Sell near the middle and end of the month (pay days)
  • Remember, Military Donations must be paid for at the time of selling, there is nothing to deliver.

3.  Practice your sales pitch

  • Share your goal with customers
  • Base your goal on an experience or prize level you wish to achieve
    • Summer Camp
    • Day Camp
    • Resident Camp
    • Top Level Prize
    • Top Sellers Party
    • Etc.
  • Share your success from previous years and the great experiences you had at your camp, etc.
  • Remind the customer that they don’t need to pay until deliver (some units require pre paid)
  • Call ahead to regular customers and let them know you are selling and when you will be by
  • Make sure they know when you will be delivering it
  • Sample Sales Pitch:
    • “Hi my name is ______ I am a scout from Pack/Troop #____.  I’m earning my way to summer camp and a College Scholarship.  I have many delicious flavors of popcorn and _____ is my favorite.  Can I count on your support to help fund my scouting adventures?

4.  Educate yourself about the products


  • Familiarize yourself with the product lineup.  Your order form has information about each one.
  • Carry lots of pens with you
  • Bring change in case of cash payments
  • Save your sales sheets from year to year
    • The best sellers build a regular customer base
  • Print out notes with your phone number and name and leave them in doors of houses that don’t answer
  • Laminate your product selection form, you can even blow it up larger at a copy center
  • Remember to total your sales and money each night and reconcile it

5.  Delivery Tips

  • Laminate your order forms so you can always read them, this will also help them last until next year
  • When delivering, deliver to the pre-paid purchases first, do not mix them with non paid sales.
  • Print out thank you notes, let your customers know how you reached your goal and how much fun you hope to have at camp next summer. 
  • Call ahead to people to let them know you will be delivering at a certain time, get permission to leave it on their door step if the weather is nice and if they have pre paid



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