Cub Scouts Shooting Sports Training

This is a free training for any parent or volunteer who would like to help with Cub Scout Shooting Sport Events.  Shooting Sports is our highest attended activity for Cub Scouts and in order to run a succesful program, we need as much help as we can get!  By particiapting in this training, you will be certified to run Cub Scout ranges for BB guns, archery, and sling shot ranges for BSA Council events only.  Volunteers/parents who particpate and assist with programs, will recive a discount for upcoming events:

  • Cub Scout Family Camp Augst 3rd-6th & Augst 10th-13th
    • 50% off your registration for Cub Family Camp if volunteering for 1 day (Friday or Saturday)
    • Free registration for family if volunteering for 2 days (Friday & Saturday)
  • Shoot-O-Ree September 23rd
    • Free registration for 1 designated Cub Scout of your choice if volunteering for 1 session (Morning or Afternoon)

Particpants can sign up for one of the dates below.  Which ever date you choose the time is the same, 5:45PM to 10:00 PM at the Pikes Peak Council Office.  Food will NOT be provided.  All supplies need to complete the training will be provided.