Merit Badge Days

The Pikes Peak Council is proud to announce Merit Badge Days for 2017! 

Merit Badge Days were created to provide additional merit badge opportunities outside of your troop and Summer Camp experiences to earn additional and sometimes hard to get merit badges by qualified counselors passionate about the subjects they are teaching. Merit Badges are a cornerstone of the Scouting program providing scouts exposure to subjects that they may not otherwise get in schools or other organizations.  The program promotes learning and exposes scouts to potential career paths or areas of study.  

The Pikes Peak Council advancement committee is looking for Merit Badge Counselors to help teach on Merit Badge Days.  Please look at our Schedule of offered Merit Badges for 2017 and let us know if you can help out.  This program has benefited over 900 scouts each year and we are looking to provide even more opportunities for them. 

Please contact Jake Webb if you are interested.

***Merit Badges and Dates are subject to change due to Counselor availability***

***Not all Merit Badges can be fully covered in the allotted time***

  • Rifle Shooting                               17+18 Feb 2017                Council Activity Center
  • Archery  (Open Range Friday)  10+11 Mar 2017          Council Activity Center
  • Personal Management                   22 Apr 2017                  Council Activity
  • Shotgun Shooting (Classroom)       28 Apr 2017              Council Activity Center
  • Shotgun Shooting (Range)            29 Apr 2017                  Camp Alexander
  • Mining in Society                         13 May 2017                       Red Canyon Quarry
  • Radio Merit Badge                          13 May 2017                   Aerospace Corporation
  • Railroad Merit Badge                        17  June 2017        Mortgage Solutions Financial Expo Center
  • COUNCIL MERIT BADGE DAY         12 Aug 2017         Council Activity Center
  • Shotgun Shooting (Classroom)      29 Sep 2017               Council Activity Center
  • Shotgun Shooting (Range)             30 Sep 2017                  Camp Alexander
  • Archery                                           27+28 Oct 2017                 Council Activity Center  
  • Rifle Shooting                                 3+4 Nov 2017                   Council Activity Center


Shotgun Shooting Merit Badge Flyer for April class.


2017 will feature a different format for Merit Badge Days! Exciting news to come!


    August 12, 2017

  • Shotgun Shooting MB
    September 29, 2017 to September 30

  • Archery MB
    October 27, 2017 to October 28

  • Rifle Shooting MB
    November 03, 2017 to November 04

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