OA Election

Elections Committee/Ambassador Program

The elections Committee is responsible for the scheduling of elections in every Troop and Team that wants to hold elections.  The Lodge has set the election season to run from January 1 through April 30 of each year.  This year we are continuing to use a program called the Ambassador Program.  After the election is held and ballots counted, the Ambassadors meet with all OA members within the Troop or Team for about 15 minutes.  During the meeting, the Ambassador reviews the lodge calendar and encourages Ordeal Members to seal their membership through the Brotherhood Ceremony.  The Ambassador talks about the Service the Lodge performs for the Council and points out the special things the Lodge has done, like the new retaining wall that was built at the Spring Fellowship weekend at our Council's Camp Alexander.

Position Name Telephone
18. OA Elections Adviser David Headlee Email
19. OA Elections Chair Dravin A Email