OA Vigil Honor

2017 Members Eligible for Vigil Honor

The National Order of the Arrow Committee has stated it best that "The Vigil Honor is a high mark of distinction and recognition reserved for those Arrowmen who, by reason of exceptional service, personal effort, and unselfish interest, have made distinguished contributions beyond immediate responsibilities of their position or office to one or more of the following: their lodge, the Order of the Arrow, Scouting, or their Council Scout Camp."

A list of those Arrowmen in our lodge who have met the requirements for the Vigil Honor is posted below and will be linked in the email announcing the request for nominations.  To be eligible, a person must have been active for at least two years as a Brotherhood member and be currently registered in the Lodge and Scouting.  It is quite impossible to set up a committee that could know all who are eligible, so we have created this form so that you can provide us more background information about members who have performed exceptional service during their OA career.

While Brotherhood is a membership level you choose for yourself, the Vigil Honor is different.   It is not appropriate to nominate yourself or a family member or ask others to nominate you.  Doing so could adversely affect your consideration and selection.  Others will nominate you by virtue of observing you and your hard work and service to the Lodge and Scouting.  Everybody on the eligible list will be considered.

If you feel that you can share some information about an individual that you feel has gone the extra mile in his service, you are encouraged to share it on this form and it will help the selection committee.

Please fill out the form and mail it before May 15, 2017 to:

Order of the Arrow,  Attn: Vigil Nominating Committee, Pikes Peak Council BSA, 985 West Fillmore Street, Colorado Springs, CO 80907

Download the Nomination form: VIGIL RECOMMENDATION FORM


Angerman, Jacob Jones, Jared R. Odom, Bryce L.
Boswell, William T. Kopacz, Nathan D. Shipp, Spencer W.
Boyer, Andrew M. Kwong, Christopher P. Shuman, Cooper M.
Bradeen, Ryan J. Lane, Kameron D. Shuman, Hunter P.
Deichman, Jarrett A. Lococo, Joseph M. Trebesch, Michael R.  
Hild, Nicholas P. Magoon, Matthew J. Trumbly, Austin J.
Holstein, Theodore D. Mahoney, Dimitri Z. Wheeler, Jason R.
Hunter, Joseph T. Maldonado, Elijah J.  


Almedia, Bruce M. Herndon, Steven A. Paluch, Glenn P.
Almeida, Deborah A. Hild, Daryl R. Parsons, Walter A.
Bode II, John V. Hill, Jerry K. Robertson, James A.
Boyer, Rachel E. Holstein, Lisa G. Robinson, Kelly G.
Boyer, Sharon D. Jarvis, Janny V. Sawyer, Darran D.
Breckenridge, Jennifer K. Jenkins, Clarence L. Sekunda Jr, Leon W.
Brewington, Gary D. Kenny, Donall E. Shuman, Steve S.
Carrigan, John Kopacz, Joseph H. Slife, Andrew M.
Deichman, Shane D. Kriner, Kenneth S. Smith, Janet B.
Dixon II, Gordon Lewis, Joseph M. Snook, Jeremy R.
Dougherty III, Harry M. Lollar, Jerry W. Solomon, Kathleen M.
Eron, Randy P. Lynn, William K. Stinnett, Mark A.
Freeman, Jeffrey S. Machamer, James Sweat, Barbara T
Gaddis, Joseph R. Mack, Eddie Takenaka, Wendel H.
Gould, Todd E. Mack, Judy L. Tatro Jr, Kenneth O.
Grayson, Roderick P. Mack, Randy A. Thillet, Raymond
Hake, Michael F. Maffia, Vincent C. Trebesch, Darrell B.
Headlee, David T. Martin, Craig S. Walsh, Catherine M.
Heiser, Steven W. Meikle, Elizabeth M. Zalewski, Alexander F
Herndon, Maria P. Mellow, Brent W. Carrillo, John R.
Herndon, Matthew F. Nelson, Donald A. Mendenhall, James W.


To be on this list you must have been a Brotherhood Member on or before May 15, 2015, and be registered in the BSA and be current with lodge dues. If you feel your name should be on the list contact the Lodge Adviser to resolve the issue. 

Position Name Telephone
02. OA Lodge Adviser Andrew McCreight Email