Supplemental Training

Being “trained” is not an event, but a life-long process. For that reason, we encourage all leaders to continue their training by participating in the following training courses that relate to your Scouting assignment.

Monthly Roundtables

Wouldn't it be great to share ideas with all of the other Scout leaders in your same position in your area? This gathering of Scout volunteers happens on the 1st or 2nd Thursday of each month near you (check your District calendar). Roundtable is designed to make your Scout leader assignment easier by providing resources, events, knowledge and answers. 

University of Scouting

This council wide training offers leaders and parents an opportunity to take classes on a variety of topics to give you the tools of the trade, build excitement, and help you deliver the promise of Scouting. Scout leaders are able to take classes towards earning their Bachelor's, Master's or Doctorate in Scouting.

Climbing Instructor

Our Council offers both climbing instruction for wall climbing and ice climbing.

Shooting Sports Instructor

  • Cub Scout Shooting Sports Training - range practical (free)
  • NRA - Home Fire Safety Course
  • NRA - Home Firearm Satety Instructor Course
  • NRA - Basic Instructor Course
  • NRA - Shotgrun Shotgrun Instructor Course
  • NRA - Venturing Pistol Shooting Course
  • NAA - National Archery Association Level 1 Instructor Course
  • RSO - Range Safety Officer Course

Trainer's EDGE

While the Trainer's EDGE is a required train-the-trainer course for Wood Badge and NYLT staffs, it is also for other trainers wishing to enhance their training and presentation skills.

Train the Trainer

The Fundamentals of Training course is the first phase of the three-part train-the-trainer continuum (T3, or T-Cubed) in the Boy Scouts of America. The course’s purpose is to introduce teaching techniques and skills to new Scout trainers as well as help those Scouters, regardless of their experience, present effective training. It will also help those who may have trained for other organizations learn the BSA’s training techniques and will help “freshen up” the skills of current BSA trainers. The course is intended for both youth and adult trainers.

Leave No Trace Trainer

This two day course assists student participants in learning more about the seven principles of Leave No Trace, and techniques for disseminating these low impact skills.  Trainer Courses are designed for educators, guides, agency employees and other outdoor professionals.  Successful graduates of the Trainer Course gain skills to teach Leave No Trace techniques and ethics to their clients, friends and family.

STEM Nova Counselor (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math)

These courses are intended to be used to provide an orientation for Scouts, Scouters, and parents about Scouting and the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) program and the STEM opportunities in Scouting. The instructor-led course is designed to be used with the STEM Orientation slide deck at roundtables and other training events.

STEM Supernova Mentor (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math)

This guide is intended to provide Supernova mentors with the basic information they need to conduct successful Supernova mentoring sessions and projects. Mentors who complete this training and Youth Protection Training are considered “trained” as Nova mentors by the BSA.

Wood Badge

Wood Badge is for all adult volunteers. The primary purpose of the Wood Badge experience is to strengthen Scouting in our units, districts, and council.  This course is similar to advanced corporate leadership seminars except in the context of delivering a better Scouting experience to youth and adults.


The course is designed to help Venturing leaders safely conduct outdoor activities of a fun and challenging nature. It provides an introduction to the resources needed to successfully incorporate a program of outdoor adventure. This course is based upon the Ranger requirements giving participants an exposure to some outdoor/high adventure activities and not a certification event.

Philmont Training Center

This companion facility to the renowned Philmont base camp trains leaders from across the nation during week-long courses.

Additonal Training for Adults ONLINE at

Just create a My.Scouting account and take any of these courses from the same place:

  • This Is Scouting
  • Fast Start Orientation
  • Weather Hazards
  • Safe Swim Defense
  • Safety Afloat
  • Climb On Safely
  • Trek Safely
  • Physical Wellness